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Expression of Interest

The information you provide is not an offer or a contract to purchase and does not constitute an interest in land.The purpose of this "Expression of Interest"; is to indicate to Caillard & Kaddour (V) Ltd. that you are prepared to be one of the first cabs off the rank once an advertised development, complex or sub-division is formally offered for sale with Titles, Covenants and draft Contracts for Sale in place.

The completion and submission of the "Expression of Interest"; in no way obligates you to purchase the property in question and is not in any way binding upon either party. The "Expression of Interest"; is for information purposes only. Those that want to impress on the vendor their sincerity may nominate a deposit, not to exceed 10% of the purchase price.Expressions of Interest will be attended to in the following manner:

  • In the case of a sale on behalf of a private vendor, not until after the deadline date stated in the Property Fact Sheet or Caillard & Kaddour official website. After the deadline date, Expressions of Interest will be reviewed as received, until the Vendor indicates otherwise. The vendor will review your Expression of Interest, on instructions Caillard & Kaddour will contact you to confirm whether or not the vendor will negotiate a formal Agreement of Purchase and Sale.
  • In the case of an Off the Plan sale Caillard & Kaddour Real Estate  Vanuatu will accept your Expression of Interest on behalf of the Vendor/Developer as an indication to purchase the property stated in the Property Fact Sheet or Caillard & Kaddour official website. Depending on the terms laid down by the seller there could be a requirement for a deposit, Which at this stage would be held in trust by a third party.
  • It is at the discretion of those making known their Expression of Interest as to whether it is in their interest to place a deposit in the trust account of Caillard & Kaddour Real Estate Vanuatu or a third party agreeable to all, which is 100% refundable.
  • In all cases, Caillard & Kaddour Real Estate; Vanuatu reserves the right to negotiate with only those parties that the Vendor/Developer so determines in their sole discretion.
  • Submit Expression of Interest forms by e-mail to your preferred Caillard & Kaddour Real Estate agent, the listing agent;or if by fax to (+678) 22 502 clearly marked for the attention of the agent you have been in contact with.