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To most, the key issue when selling real estate is price “what is it worth” ultimately there is only one true answer “what someone is prepared to pay”. So, it follows that by advertising to the biggest possible audience there is a greater possibility of finding that buyer who wants your property and will pay your price.

Obviously the appropriate market has to be identified; the best tools have to be chosen to promote your property and reach those that want and ultimately well pay for your property. Here is a selection of products available to you, many unique to Caillard & Kaddour.

Advertising & Marketing

Sign: Local Residential Buyers. Visitors to the area looking to invest or relocate.Caillard & Kaddour is “Vanuatu’s Leading Real Estate Agency” a trusted name in the industry with over 50 years trading in the South Pacific. A family company that has based it business on giving the right advice.

Billboard: Local Residential Buyers. Visitors to the area looking to invest or relocate.

Available Sizes:
a).   1200 x 900
b).   1600 x 900
c).   1800 x 1200
d).   2400 x 1200
e).   1800 x 1800
f).    2400 x 1800

Make your property stand out from the crowd. Prick purchasers interested with an insight to the inside of the house or the great pool at the back!

Window Cards: Local Residential Buyers. Visitors to the area looking to invest or relocate. Caillard & Kaddour is the only agency that can offer you a professional window in which to advertise your property. This includes multi media display if appropriate.

Press: Local Residents. Visitors to the area, looking to invest or relocate. Some overseas investors who subscribe to this local paper.Circulation is purported to be 5000-7000 weekly mainly within Port Vila. A must to reach local buyers in the market that are in real estate mode. The submission of editorials by the public, including all real estate agents, is encouraged by this publication and is printed free.

Guide Flyer: Local and overseas buyers: 5,000 copies distributed through out Port Vila including the major hotels, banks and businesses many of which contribute, from our strategically located office in Port Vila and key locations about Efate. Plus, distribution to 3500 on-line buyers. Options available for Full or half page, adverts in full colour.

This has proven to be an excellent tool, easy to handle, great quality and just perfect to take home. Unique to Caillard & Kaddour, this is a  handy sized publication that has proven to be extremely successful. Published in monthly those wishing to sell their property should book their spot now!

e-Marketing: Buyers at national and international level.We also a weekly e-brochure featuring our sales properties, holiday and permanent rental accommodation, and achievements.  This is emailed to our extensive database of interested contacts gained through years of successful business operation.This invaluable tool is best used in conjunction with an online unrestricted web page giving direct exposure to the property without the possibility of visitors becoming side tracked. 

Web Sites: Buyers nationally and internationally. www.ck.com.vu This is your best value advertising option and an essential part of your marketing campaign.Statistics show that increasing numbers of purchasers are using websites from the comfort of their own homes to look for property to buy this particularly applies to investors.

Payment for advertising is made into Caillard & Kaddour’s trust account based on an estimate as agreed by the vendor; deductions are supported be actual receipts with any balance refunded at the end of the appointment.

You should be suspicious of any agent offering to pay for your advertising, why:

  • It is considered by many real estate professionals not in the vendor’s best interest to hand over control of the marketing to an agent that could well have an alternative agenda.
  • Would you be confident in an agent attaining, the best possible price for you, if that same agent has to offer an inducement to secure this listing in the first place, No!
  • At the final stages of the negotiations do you think the recovery of advertising funds may have an influence on an agent’s commitment to push for the price you really deserve?

To find out more about how Vanuatu’s leading real estate agent can help you contact us.