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Pacific Games just 142 days to go.

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Pacific Games VAN2017

This last few weeks have seen a concerted effort by the organisers of the VAN2017 PACIFIC MINI GAMES.  The Pacific Games Council is keen to recruit both senior staff and young volunteers. In the meantime the organizing committee visited the new sports facility on the 6th July along with members of the Vanuatu Government and CCECC the main contractor.

In their press release it said:

“As an organizing committee we are very confident in the job being done by the contractor of the project CCECC, and that the support of the Government of Vanuatu by the People’s Republic of China is ‘fantastic’!” commented CEO of Van2017, Mr Clint Flood.

By: Céline Fedronie

As a French national, with West Indian roots, “joie de vivre” is always on the agenda with Céline. Having a wealth of skills gleaned in a number of senior administrative roles, it became apparent to Céline that a more cut and thrust career was required to keep her motivated. When Caillard & Kaddour offered Céline the opportunity to be on the front line of real estate sales, it was accepted without hesitation. Céline has proven to be a natural sales consultant; not only multi-lingual with the ability to easily communicate with people from all walks of life, her infectious smile and courteous manner means that she is already an important team member and great asset to the company. As a young mother of two boys, as well as a wife to a cattle ranch manager, every minute of the day is well organised, which shines through in her professional life, as does her ability to listen, ask the right questions, deliver when required the realities of life and most importantly, offer solutions. It is Céline’s ambition to make her new found profession a lifetime career.

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