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You Have Received This Communication in Good Faith

You have received this message and any attachments in good faith, as a result of a request, verbal or otherwise from you, on the understanding that you will be bound by the terms in which the information has been supplied. The contents of this massage are strictly confidential and should not be communicated as a whole or in part in any way to a third party.
This communication, if related to a property or business constitutes a real estate introduction as set out under paragraph 4 of the Caillard & Kaddour (Vanuatu) Ltd. standard listing agreement. Having requested and received information, addresses or conditions of sale of the listing described you acknowledge that these particulars have been supplied on the vendors’ instructions and that they are confidential.

That you have not been provided information pertaining to this listing by another, if this is not the case then that agent has not supplied the relevant ownership documentation to allow you to properly consider the property or business.
You warrant not too attend upon the vendors without being accompanied by a representative of Caillard & Kaddour or, in default, first disclosing to the vendor that you have been supplied particulars pertaining to the property or business by Caillard & Kaddour as the legal representative.
You also warrant, too notify any person who might subsequently attempt to introduce you to the same property, that this information has already been supplied by Caillard & Kaddour, if in fact it has.

It is understood that the sale prices advertised includes the prescribed agency fees which are the responsibility of the vendor unless otherwise agreed in writing.
Should you decide to disregard these terms, enter into negotiations which are successful and the fact becomes evident within 24 months of receiving any communication regarding this listing you agree to make good the loss caused by such breach, compensating Caillard & Kaddour 5% of the advertised price when first listed.

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