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Kawene II

Devil’s Point Road has always been a favourite with all sections of the community, primarily because of the proximity to Port Vila, but the change of pace, lifestyle out that way lends itself to a holiday atmosphere. Kawene II is one of our most recent subdivisions .

Not everyone dreams of water front plots, which are often limited in size and views.  Whereas those set back just a couple of hundred meters from the shore line can offer elevated positions, better soil, less harsh weather and great value per square meter. Ever since Caillard & Kaddour first released, on behalf of the owner, the Kawene sub division back in 2005 there has been a constant flow of requests to open up the large tract of ground on the opposite side of Devil’s Point Road.

Today, although limited there are 25 lots available in the new subdivision, Kawene II. At no more that an average of VUV200 per m², astounding value, particularly as each plot, most over 10,000m² will include both mains power and central water. Each plot will have access to the main thoroughfare either directly or by way of a private road in the case of Lots 1 to 4.

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