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Why Vanuatu ?

You could be a local resident, looking to make solid, financially secure long-term investments in real estate, or like many others see profit from speculative property plays as they occur.
As a result of watching the local and international market forces impact on the Pacific Islands and in particular Vanuatu, a unique property market, Caillard & Kaddour are able to assist with your decision of where best to place your funds.


On the other hand you could be an overseas property investor, who can see the incredible value in Vanuatu real estate, being aware of the long-term situation as the Vatu makes gains against the main currencies like the AU & US dollar, Euro and British Pound over the next decade.

Let’s face it Vanuatu, in particular, offers an unrivalled level of security, plus magnificent opportunity for capital growth having favorable tax regulations. Today very few small, independent, democratic nations can boast such a future. Whatever your reasoning, the pendulum keeps swinging back to Vanuatu.

So what makes Vanuatu in the South Pacific so interesting? Location, location and location!

A Natural Location:

A tropical paradise with a constant temperature all year round.
Good to high rain fall, with plenty of natural catchment’s.
Environmentally protected coastline.
Large unpopulated areas.
Sustainable Energy Program (there are windmills already in place with other methods under consideration).
Many of the building materials used are natural products, which also enhances the whole experience of island living.

A Wonderful Location:

The Pacific Islands are one of the last truly spectacular regions of the World; nowhereis this more evident than in the cluster of Island the make up Vanuatu.
Pristine white beaches stretching to eternity lapped by turquoise seas of the inlets and bays, a family holiday dream.
Abundant supplies of natural produce from the surrounding villages, ranches and tropical plantations all organically grown and part of Vanuatu’s guarantee to the resident or visitor of the freshest and finest cuisine.

A Prosperous Location:

Only two hours thirty minutes flying time from Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland into Santo or Port Vila often at better prices than an internal flight of the same duration.
10 hours or less flying time from most of the Pacific Rim major cities, through Noumèa, Fiji, Brisbane or Sydney.
Some of the fastest developing economies on our doorstep.
Tourism is not the only industry, even though there are a number of international hotels and resorts. Financial services and exports are big revenue earners.
An expanding fish farm and Organic Beef industry mainly exporting to Japan and supplying the five star restaurants both here and aboard.

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Projects & Subdivisions

There are a few restrictions for overseas investors in Vanuatu, for those who are considering making this part of the world their home then don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We are also able to help with the practical side of Relocation.

Caillard and Kaddour have a comprehensive rent roll in excess of 400 properties visit our listings for a selection.