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Mr Caillard & Kaddour 1960's

Their first partnership goes back to 1951 and led to the creation of the Agence Interiles real estate agency. At that time, there was huge scope for development in Noumea and its surrounding area. They won the confidence of major landowners in and around Noumea and sub divided 80 percent of the land market.


Old photo of property

They realised that they needed to diversify to expand and, in association with La Paternelle group, founded an insurance business in 1954 that was destined to develop over the years in partnership with Royal Insurance, then later Allianz-Via, AGF, UAP and AXA.

In 1956, Caillard & Kaddour branched out again into the air travel sector, when they founded TPV, one of Noumea’s first travel agencies, in partnership with their friend Jean-Louis Pujol. (Alitalia Authorized Agent)

In 1957, they built Noumea’s third multi-storey block (following the Mary and Pentecost buildings), the Laperouse building and proceeded to establish their offices there. Their head office is still at the same location. The upper floors were given over to a new business activity, the hotel industry, and housed the Hotel Laperouse. This was followed by a period when the company moved from the sixties to the eighties into the mining sector, the public works sector, and the consumer credit sector.

Noumea Office Small

In 1990, the company decided to establish itself outside New Caledonia and took over a small estate agency in Port-Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. Caillard & Kaddour very quickly made its mark as real estate marketplace leader and as No.2 in the insurance field.

1994 witnessed a major expansion in the travel sector with the foundation of Pacifique Lagon which became the AOM General Agent in New Caledonia. With a great deal of determination the company gained 30 percent of the France/New Caledonia air travel market. Unfortunately the difficulties experienced by the company and its main shareholder Swissair led to the line being closed down.

In 2001 Pacifique Lagon was re-formed as a Travel Agency and sold out of the group.

50 years after its creation, the C&K group still reflects the founding partners’ energy and breadth of vision. By constantly expanding its field of activities, the C&K group continues to occupy a foremost place as one of New Caledonia’s leading business concerns. The firm’s future will be safe in the hands of Roger Kaddour’ grandson, Romain Babey, and Philippe Caillard’ son and daughters, who joined the team in 2001.

Caillard & Kaddour a New Caledonian based business was first established in Vanuatu when Philippe Caillard and Régis Babey as the representative of the Kaddour family identified an opportunity to acquire one of the most respected and well established real estate businesses in Port Vila, then known as CACB (cabinet d’affaires Claude Boudier) which was originally established in April 1973. Operating at that time as Cabinet Cornette, Claude Boudier (whose daughter still represents C&K today) relinquished the Raines in October 1990, passing them to the two young men of Caillard & Kaddour this was C&K’s the first foot hold in Vanuatu.

The business rebranded as Caillard & Kaddour with its connections in the south pacific expanded rapidly, it soon became apparent that Philippe & Régis could not continue the, in those days, long trips back and forth for Noumea.

Loic Bernier, already a resident, having been seconded by the French Government to Vanuatu as a school teacher in the mid 1980’s meet first with Régis Babey and then Philippe Caillard in the later days of 1990.

Loic was not keen to return to Europe and was looking for a reason to make Port Vila his permanent home. In January 1991 Loic was formally invited to continue the development of Caillard & Kaddour in Vanuatu as Managing Director a position Loic holds today, in two main business areas:

o Real Estate

o Insurance

With the support of the mother company and its offices in the Pacific and Europe Caillard & Kaddour Vanuatu continued its expediential growth soon becoming the N° 1 Real Estate agency in Port Vila a position it continues to hold to this day, as well as the main Insurance agency in Vanuatu.

In 1994 Caillard & Kaddour acquired Investment Real Estate from Mrs Freda Giles and again in 1999 purchased “Agence St Michel” from Mrs Jacqueline Paumier who has remained an invaluable team member to this day. By 2004 Caillard & Kaddour was very well established as the major player in its chosen fields. Loic made two more significant acquisitions on behalf of the company, the outright purchase of Caillard & Kaddour’s biggest competitor the professionally run real estate and insurance agency of Peter Brickland being one. Having already made significant land acquisitions Caillard & Kaddour, acquired a commercial premise on the high street of Luganville (Santo Island) part of which is now the Santo branch agency.

In 2008 under pressure from AON Caillard & Kaddour reluctantly agreed to relinquish its control of the insurance business in Port Vila. The business CK The Insurance Shop still continues today but under different directorship.

Caillard & Kaddour now able to focus more on the property market and as Vanuatu’s leading real estate agency expanded into other areas of the business including property development, recent projects have been:

o Le Clos D’elluk 1992
o Elluk gardens 1992-1993
o Freshwind Subdivision 1995
o Bukura Subdivision 1996-1998
o Paradise Cove Subdivision 2000
o Pangona Subdivision 2004
o Kawene Sudivision 2005
o Stella Mare Subdivision 2007-2008
o Bred Bank Building (project management) 2008
o Port Vila Mall 2009
o Starfish (Tourism) 2009-2010
o Belbarav Santo 2008
o Belinkula Santo 2008
o Coolidge Santo 2009
o Delta Santo 2009
o Akiriki Hotel/Resort 2011 – 2014
o Kawene (II) Rural/Res 2011
o Starfish (Commercial) 2012
o Centre Point (Commercial) 2012
o Stella Mare (II) Subdivision 2013

This would not be possible without a team of experienced professionals, now numbering 18 full time staff, many of which have been with the company for over ten years.

Caillard & Kaddour is a company built on service, stability and tradition, proud of its heritage, with a clear vision of the future.

A Clear Vision for the Future.

Caillard & Kaddour has always embraced innovation thinking outside the box, using its vast resources to give a clear picture of what the future may hold. We believe that as an independent operator with no overseas master we are able to offer our clients the confidential service they require.

Our dedicated focus on our core skills marketing and negotiation, in particular the use of technology, has helped position us as one of the most progressive real estate agencies in operation today both at home and abroad.

Leverage and expand upon our local and international network
Utilise modern technology to augment and advance results
Build upon our local knowledge and continue to deliver outstanding personal service
Constantly strive through training and ongoing professional development to improve our skills.
As the most established and largest real estate agency in the region, we’re able to offer our clients significant benefits. Every property we list has the advantage of our extensive database of buyers, and that’s something that no other agency can match.

This invaluable local and international exposure ensures that we find the right buyer and secure the maximum possible price for your property.

Our Port Vila offices in the CBD are unmistakable and reflect our professionalism. We also have dedicated Property Management, Land Agents and a Commercial department to provide a full service solution to the astute property investor. Caillard & Kaddour is set and ready for a bright future in Vanuatu.

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